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Terms for addition:

1. Suggestions of the links may be given to the pages of amateur or professional photographers.
2. The content of suggested target pages must be photography .
3. Suggested target pages may be commercial or non-commercial.
4. Person who makes the suggestion must check out that the link is valid.
5. The suggested link MAY NOT lead to sites containing porn, childporn, violence or anything prohibited by the Finnish or other countries' law.
6. The webmaster of this pages has right to evaluate if suggested link is suitable for publishing on these pages.
7. The webmaster has right to remove all unsuitable linksuggestions.
8. The webmaster has right to remove all the links leading to non-photographical pages or to pages that are politically or religiously supporting or in any way insulting.
8. The webmaster has right to remove all broken links.
9. A link that has once been removed from the active LinkBook will automatically be added to the blacklist after which any attemp to add the same link again is prohibited.
10. Gallery Epoque is not responsible for the material on those sites to which visitors have added links.

I accept all these terms
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